About Me

About Me

Anne Kraemer

- Founder of  White

   Mountain Fencing  since 2007

- USFA Associate Coach

  1. -Graduate, American Military University, Charles Town, WV

  2. -Instructor/Coach

  3. -Parent

  1. -Featured In

  2. -Upper Valley Life, 2009

  3. -Demo// year-end recital, Dancers Inc., 2008, 2009,

   Dancers Corner, 2010

  1. -Thetford Rennaisance Faire,

  2009, 2010, 2011

  1. -The Fells,  “Hay Day”, 2010

-Warner Fencing Demo,


              En Garde!



    I have luckily been involved in fencing in the surrounding Upper Valley area since early 2005. As a former participant and member of the Ryvnine School of Fence, I was able to re-involve myself in a variety of fencing activities over the years. Work, family, and parenthood, had taken precedence over my prior fencing experience as a much younger student in Evanston, Illinois. Currently and since the beginning of 2007, I have been grateful to have had the opportunity to involve myself in fencing instruction while offering kids a variety of fencing activities.

      My love of history drives my passion and knowledge of what and why I teach. As a recent graduate in Military History from the American Military University, Charles Town WV, I hope to encourage the significance of this notable part of history. My goal in this accomplishment is to also promote an appreciation and understanding of numerous historic elements and simultaneously, foster the values and sportsmanship of fencing today.

     Fencing instruction and participation in the White Mountain Fencing League can provide kids with the opportunity to join and stay involved in the excitement and camaraderie of fencing. My intent is to offer this opportunity, combining a focus on learning and fun, while maintaining a high level of achievement.  In addition to instruction, I supervise  the White Mountain Fencing League, a group of experienced young fencers that meet regularly throughout the year to explore and enjoy the art of fence. The creation of a team home base and participation in informal league competitions provides a win-win situation for all those involved.

    Pistol grips will not be allowed in class or in league activities, only the classic french grip, which in reality teaches fencers better dexterity, control, and overall form. 

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